Covid-19 Policy

We have been following all the developments related to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has affected the whole world in a very short time, very closely from the very beginning. Accordingly, as Mesay Automotive, we have taken a number of measures to protect our employees, visitors and valued customers.

• Customers without a mask are not allowed in. It is mandatory for all customers and employees in the business to wear masks. (Our customers who do not have a mask can request a mask from the relevant personnel)
• HEPP code of each customer and visitor is checked at the entrance.
• It is mandatory for each customer to provide hand hygiene at the entrance. 80% alcohol hand antiseptic or cologne is available at the entrance of the workplace.
• Social distancing (1.5 meters or 3 steps) is maintained in all areas, payment and customer hospitality sections.
• Hand contact points of common tools are disinfected by wiping with appropriate disinfectant at frequent intervals.
• No guests are allowed to the workplace. Customers are asked to enter the workplace alone. Other accompanying persons remain outside.
• Payment devices are disinfected with 80% alcohol after each customer contact.
• Daily cleaning is done. Frequently touched surfaces (door handles, counter tops, telephone, computer, etc.) are wiped at frequent intervals.
• The workplace is ventilated at frequent intervals.
• The workplace sink is not available to customers. Sink cleaning is done regularly and disposable paper towels are available.
• Persons who are sick and showing signs of illness and who should be in isolation cannot be employed

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