Mesay Automotive as the fastest-growing automotive spare parts manufacturer in Turkey, environmental legislation
It follows a sustainable environmental management policy based on relevant environmental standards and the best technologies in this field.

The basic building blocks of this policy are the following principles.

• Complying with the provisions of the Turkish Environmental Legislation and other relevant legislation regarding the projects in the planning phase or operating phase, and to implement international standards and best practices,

• To choose and continuously develop environmentally friendly production technologies, by emphasizing sustainability policies and putting high initial investment costs in the background in order to minimize the environmental and social risks that may arise from our activities,

• To carry out our activities with the awareness of responsibilities towards the environment and society, believe in continuous development and with the belief of sustainable environment and ensure its continuity,

• Faaliyetlerimiz sırasında mümkün olan en iyi teknolojiyi kullanarak çevreye vereceğimiz olumsuz etkileri en aza indirgemek,

• To minimize the negative effects on the environment by using the best possible technology during our activities, ,

• • To prefer environmentally friendly (saving) products in our energy-consuming products by increasing the efficiency of electricity, water and natural gas in our production facilities by following the developing technology in accordance with our environmental objectives, ,

• To constantly increase our environmental performance and to keep our system dynamic by considering new environmental effects, ,

• To use energy and natural resources at the optimum level and to implement activities to prevent unnecessary resource usage, ,

• To create solutions for the separation of waste throughout the facility and in the rooms, ,

• We will ensure that the hazardous wastes generated at our facility are disposed of within the scope of environmental legislation and that this is carried out continuously within our organization. .

• To monitor our water and electricity consumption regularly in order to make our natural resources sustainable, and to take protective measures to prevent excessive consumption,

• To provide training to our personnel on the necessity of using chemicals sufficiently to prevent excessive chemical consumption, ,

• To create and develop sustainable environmental awareness through the trainings given to all our employees, and to spread the concept of environmental and social responsibility in our subcontractors and suppliers, ,

• To work towards the protection of natural resources and ecological species with a sustainability approach, ,

• To minimize waste generation, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal by reducing pollution at the source with sustainable waste management, ,

• To constantly develop and improve sustainability practices by reviewing all stages of our activities. .











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